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Stop Feeling Like Sh*t

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

If there is a bit of advice I can give to you today to help you stop feeling like shit, then it is for you to start looking at your life for what is - owning the good and evil, be grateful for it, and if you don't like what you see do something about it. That's it. Drop the mic. I served my purpose to solve everything in your life, no, but seriously. When you begin to find gratitude in your life, you start appreciating things a little more. You will find yourself healing from pain and regrets that may have haunted you your entire life. I can't promise you it's an overnight fix, but I can promise that you will move in the right direction. You have to start trusting the process and start believing that you deserve happiness.

Real talk. When I started writing to write this paragraph, I felt like shit. My baby boy was pulling in one direction, and my husband was pulling me in the other. I have spent all morning with my son, didn't get a chance to work out in two days, and the day before, my husband got to do his thang, plus he got to sleep in today. I was super frustrated and wanted at least an hour to write this dang blog. I took a breath, told my husband I needed a moment, and I walked away.

How did I get myself to stop feeling like shit? I took that moment, and I cried, and I reflected. I realized I was allowing many things to affect me negatively. I had a hard couple of months at work. This pandemic sucks. I am not where I want to be with my fitness. I was putting a lot of pressure to get my media content back up again. I took this negative energy and got so angry with my son and husband, who both just wanted to spend time with me. I needed to put things into perspective.

I started to count my blessings. I began to do a mental exercise that I do when I feel down or feel I am not enough. I begin by listening to my breaths. I hear myself breathing. I feel my heart beating. I am alive. I am given the opportunity to live another day to be the best version of myself with what I got. I started to go over accomplishments in my life that I fought and work so hard to have. The roof over my head is the home that I own. I have running water and food. I have friends and family who love me. I am healthy, strong, and beautiful. I am good. Everything will be okay. I have been through a lot in my life and had massive waves I was able ride out. This wave is just another one of those waves in the way of my peaceful ocean.

It seems easy enough for me to say it's going to be okay because I got good things happening in my life. No. It wasn't always like this. Feeling shit is part of life; I choose not to allow it to run my life instead grow with it. We all face shitty times in our life over and over again. It will never go away. I choose not to be a victim and let it be part of my life experiences I learn from. I've grown to be self-aware and have control over these feelings. From this control, I can focus on achieving my goals and purpose in my life.

So take the time today and write down what you are grateful for. Save it on your phone, post it on your IG story, or tape on your mirror, so that you may see that list every day you wake up to help remind you that you are blessed, loved, and surrounded by many great things. Let's say you come back to tell me you don't have anything on that list; I am going to give you perspective. The fact you are alive and breathing another day is more than someone who is not with us today. Appreciate what you have and be grateful for everything life gives you.

Expect nothing, appreciate everything.

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