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Casting a Light on Personal Branding

Personal branding can be a tricky topic for many who seek tips on building a name for themselves - professionally, personally, and nowadays, in social media forums. When I look at personal branding, I try not to complicate it for myself and others who've asked me for advice on how it's helped me in my own life. To me, personal branding is living the life you want to live and learn how to package it for others to see successfully. You may not be aware of this, but every action you do defines you; that is why it is essential to make sure the last activities you do show up as your best effort because it will be your final impression.

You might think - What lasting impressions? What message? Who cares about what others think of me? How does this make me successful or better who I am as a person? All valid questions, but before we can go into personal branding successes, we need to address its critiques and why that is important.

Let's first understand that even if you may not care about being judged, characterized, categorized, and labeled - the reality is we live in a society that molds us into different identities. It is typical human behavior in how we receive new information. Our brains' safety net compartmentalizes ideas, people, and things to belief values based on their own life experiences.

So, why is this important to know? It is essential to understand that critics may define you differently from what you are self-positioning yourself to be when developing a personal brand. The key is to face the negativities head-on and manage your state of mind to overcome any doubts, words, and actions that may come in the way of your way of being successful in personal branding.

I am not saying that you have to prove yourself to others. No, I am telling people are going to judge, haters are going to hate, so do it away. Do the things you love, the things you are passionate about, and be consistent in the message when building your persona.

There are three things to consider when building a personal brand -

1) Build your message - What do you stand for? What is your mantra? If someone had to ask if there was a word to describe you, what would that be?

2) Create substance, credibility, and consistently in your message - Do you have experiences and practice behind the message you preach? If so, are you consistent in these actions?

3) Showcase it - The only way to build your brand is to put it out there for others to see either in a blog, social media, creating a product, doing interviews, speaking out in public, etc.

Finally, the key to successful personal branding is never to give up your authenticity in this world. In the rise of social media and the internet, so many people get lost in all the hype and forget to be themselves, branding themselves based on others' famous persona and successes. If you want to stand out - be genuine, be yourself and showcase it - people appreciate that. There is only one of you in the world, and that shows enough reason to build your brand and cast a light on for the world to see.

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